Shaina Silver

Product Designer

Hey. I'm Shaina, but my friends call me Shane. Let's create a better web together.

I am a passionate front-end dev turned product designer with an appetite for creating web experiences that have an impact on users. I'm stoked to help innovate (and be innovated by) amazing products with other like-minded humans. Together we're solving challenges, pushing the envelope and raising the bar for intuitive user experiences!*

*Currently located in sunny SoCal <3

Top 3 Skills

(1) I can create a wireframe, but I can also turn it into something elegant and engaging.

(2) I am comfortable exploring the needs of differing audiences and I know how to take an user-centered approach without losing sight of business goals and technical feasibility.

(3) I work efficiently, and I am comfortable with the concept of Lean UX and A/B Testing.

(3.5) I am fluent in HTML/CSS and ebonics.

What you'll find below

I've worked with some amazing people and also solved some pretty awesome challenges. As a product designer I am able to help alleviate pain points, open stakeholders' eyes to new opportunities and have learned a thing or two (or thirty) along the way.

Rainbow Ipsum

Lorem ipsum for women who love rainbows and brunch.

This was a fun side project I created with one of my back-end friends. We were excited to always code using a plethora of different Lorem ipsum (I see you bacon ipsum). But felt like we could never resonate on a deeper level with our text-filler. Until now...

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